We have served many different types of businesses from restaurants, gas stations, new home builders, real estate developers, lawyers, dentists, chiropractors, club sports, medical industry, insurance companies, sign companies, paving companies, lenders, A/C repair, appliance repair, schools, ticketing companies, dry cleaners, gyms, and many, many more.  We can help your business too!

About us

Excel Financial Consultants is a bookkeeping and business consulting firm that specializes in helping small to medium sized businesses.  Most small to medium sized business owners need to focus all of their attention on growing their business. This prevents them from taking care of the back end of their business which is equally important.  Hiring additional staff in order to manage the back end of the business is extremely costly to business.

The back office of any business consists of the accounting department, administration, information technology, and really anyone who doesn't directly have interaction with customers.  To hire these employees is extremely time consuming to companies and is always the greatest expense to a company.  Finding the right person, getting them trained, and investing in their future with your organization costs a lot more than just an hourly wage.  By hiring Excel Financial Consultants, we take all of that worry away from you.  We offer an affordable solution to business owners while providing all the necessary support that your business needs.

At Excel Financial Consultants, we don't expect everyone to understand financial statements.  We will take the time needed to ensure you fully understand your accounting reports.  We will help you understand the difference between a Profit and Loss Statement from a Balance Sheet.  We will also help you understand how those reports are a synopsis of what your business has been doing and then find ways to help you improve the bottom line!  Our goal is to help support your business so you can continue to grow your dream.  We will be there all along the way to ensure your back office support is exactly what you need.


Excel Financial Consultants has a sister company called Excel Real Estate Consultants.  We offer all types of real estate services and can help you with your next sale or purchase. To learn more about our real estate services.



Excel Financial Consultants is always looking for talented and professional bookkeepers, tax professionals, and business consultants. if you are a "go getter" with attention to detail, we would love to speak with you. Please fill out the form below as well as copy and past your resume with any other qualifications you may have. Thank you!

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"Excel Financial Consultants pulled me out of a Quickbooks nightmare, and has me on a path of calm navigation so that I can focus on the things other than Quickbooks.  Hiring Excel is the best business decision I've made in years."

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"Great Experience!  Our company as a whole is very excited to have found Excel Financial Consultants.  Thank you for all the guidance and implementation assistance.  We will truly value the continued relationship."

Joy P.


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